Pressure Wash Services for the Coachella Valley;

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"Soft roof cleaning is also called chemical cleaning. As the name suggests, this method gives up much of the pressurization and suggests using chemicals. It is a system of spraying chemicals on the roof that is designed to take out unwanted substances on the roof such as algae, moss, and grime that builds up over time. These chemicals are both safe for the environment and for your property.

A common type of soft wash roof cleaning makes use of a low concentration of chlorine bleach combined with preservatives like TSP, surfactants, and alcohol that are sprinkled on the roof of a building with a low-pressure pump.

Where a pressure cleaner removes dirt with no chemicals due to the extreme pressure, soft washing systems need chemicals to get rid of the dirt before the water is sprayed on it.

This system usually consists of a higher volume of water showered from the pipe and is a gentler house roof cleaning technique".